Grass Lake Animal Hospital

1011 Norvell Rd.
Grass Lake, MI 49240


Grass Lake Animal Hospital is pleased to provide you with a variety of forms to simplify the process of caring for your pet, and reduce the amount of time you and your pet are in our waiting room.

Change of address and new client/new patient forms can be submitted online or downloaded and filled out ahead of your scheduled appointment. 

Various boarding forms are available for download to be completed ahead of your boarding reservation. 

Forms for Dental Referrals to see Dr. Barthel are available for download, to be completed before your referral appointment.

If you wish, completed forms can be FAXed to Grass Lake Animal Hospital at 517-522-3670 or scanned and attached to an email, sent to or

Just select the form from the menu below.

New Client/New Pet

Change of Address 

Dental Referral Form - downloadable

Dog Boarding Form - downloadable

Cat Boarding Form - downloadable

Exotic Pet Boarding Form - downloadable

New Client/New Pet - downloadable 

Grass Lake Animal Hospital wants to make your visit here as easy as possible. Filling out forms ahead of time can speed things up for you and your pet.